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All the tools you need to seamlessly implement a world-class authentication system.

GAuthify's Authentication Toolkit

Our tools make it incredibly easy to implement security solutions without having to compromise on safety or performance.
Choose the features you want from our dashboard and let GAuthify do all of the heavy lifting.

Two Factor Auth (2FA)

Add two factor authentication (2FA) to any existing application in just minutes. 2FA is one of the best ways to prevent online account takeovers and data theft. Implement 2FA to improve your data security and build customer trust. We support Google® Authenticator (iPhone & Android), SMS, Email, Voice Calls, & Hardware Tokens

Login and Authentication Management

Authenticate and manage new and existing users through our simple-to-use API or Dashboard. We also give you the option of exclusively storing your users' hashed passwords on our servers (and not yours) such that a hack of your users' passwords would require a breach on our highly secure servers. Enforce safe practices through our API so you never have to worry about developer errors.

Security Metrics And Auditing

Logging and Auditing could not be easier. Log key metrics (eg. login attempts, permission requests) and easily review them using our Dashboard. These integrate seamlessly with SecuML to surface the critical information from your metrics.


Don't spend time manually auditing your security logs. Our advanced per-company Machine Learning models allow us to automatically surface anomalous authentication activity for you. Users logged in from unknown locations? Users requesting blocked permissions? Numerous login attempts on user accounts? SecuML will automatically surface this unusual activity for you.


Support matters.

We take support seriously. From your initial integration through the subsequent growth of your user base, we will work closely with you to make the entire process as seamless as possible. We employ a team of highly-skilled and experienced engineers and ensure around-the-clock coverage so you can get the best and quickest technical support.

  • Integration support with an engineer
  • SLA with less than 4 hour response times
  • Design and security consulting


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Everything You Need

Comprehensive Dashboard

A dashboard as good as the API to let your support staff easily assist your clients.

Batteries Included

Everything is included so you don't have to build anything in-house. Just integrate the solutions you need and let us do the rest.

Designed For Rapid Integration

Between the documentation and client libraries, we keep everything simple so that integration is just that -- simple.

White-label Everything

Every feature GAuthify offers is fully customizable to your specific needs and brand, such that your users will never know they are using our service.

Client Libraries

We have client libraries for all types of frameworks and languages: Python, Ruby, Java, PHP, C#, Golang, Django, Wordpress and much more.

High Performance API

Our API handles massive scale with average response times of 4.2ms.

Command Center

A beautiful dashboard to help your support staff be as effective as possible.

All Features Exposed

Our dashboards are as powerful as our APIs. Not everyone needs to be a coder.

Easy To Control Permissions

Easily grant permissions to your support staff to manage your GAuthify account.

Audits And Notifications

See the results of SecuML reports and take immediate action against suspicious activity.

User Management

Reset passwords, update user info, lock out specific users, reset 2FA tokens and much more.

Billing And Cost Managment

Our invoices and billing are easily accessible for your budget reports.

API Playgrounds

To help your developers quickly prototype their integration.

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